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Scientific Breakthrough: Malaria Could Be a Thing of the Past

27th March 2017

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Scientists working at Queensland’s Griffith University have developed what they claim is the world’s first long term effective Malaria vaccine. If this new, cheap vaccine lives up to its promise, it will save millions of poor people who cannot afford Malaria drugs.

4 Responses to “Scientific Breakthrough: Malaria Could Be a Thing of the Past”

  1. Sis Says:

    This would really freak out the eco-Nazis.

  2. debby witt Says:

    I use the time-honored preventative method of regular consumption of gin and tonic, and I’ve never had malaria.

  3. Tim of Angle Says:

    Can’t argue with success.

  4. Elganned Says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Besides, malaria will not disappear; it will be preserved in a bio-warfare lab somewhere, like anthrax and smallpox and leprosy are now. Then that regime will collapse, leaving the bio-agents behind as a ticking time-bomb, a la Vozrozhdeniya Island in what once was the Aral Sea.
    Cue orchestra: “Everything old is new again…”