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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

24th February 2017

Women liberated from Isis in Syria take off face veils and burn them

Paranoid ISIS Leaders Ban Televisions And Cell Phones To Cover Up Their Losses

The Latest: Turkish troops, fighters enter al-Bab center

A Muslim Woman’s Fight Against Radical Islam

Countering Islamist Extremism the Right Way

Danish man who videoed himself burning the Quran charged with blasphemy

Pakistan attacks: Explosion kills at least eight in Lahore as wave of terror attacks by Isis and Taliban continues

Geert Wilders: Far-right Dutch PM frontrunner says ‘Islam and freedom are not compatible’  Well, duh.

Kuwaiti hospital ‘will refuse to treat migrant labourers’

“Moderate” Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Terrorist’s Death

This Technology Is The Future Of ISIS Terror

Islam, Not Trump, Is The Elephant In The Room Threatening Jewish Survival

Canadian Government Finally Embraces Refugees Of ISIS Terror

Muslims raise thousands to repair vandalised Jewish cemetery

Congressional Computer Admins In Criminal Probe Owed Money To Hezbollah-Connected Fugitive

Charsadda attack: Taliban suicide bombers kill six including child in assault on court in Pakistan

Women in Libya ‘banned from travelling abroad solo’

Isis-affiliated fighters seize Syrian territory near Israeli border in surprise attack

Saudi Arabia’s Ruthless Migrant Policy  What do they know that Democrats don’t?

Iran’s Leader Urges Palestinians to Launch Violent Uprising

Iranian-Backed Rebels Bombed Ship With Explosive Drone Boats

ISIS Targeted Nuclear Reactor Getting Shipment Of Weapons-Grade Uranium

Iranian Leader Says Third Intifada Has Begun Against Israel

Marine Le Pen Refuses To Wear Hijab, Cancels Meeting With Key Arab Leader

Three Arrested In France For Plotting Suspected Islamic Terror Attack

Somalia food crisis at ‘tipping point’ with country heading towards famine in matter of weeks

Civilians trapped in Mosul ‘having to eat cats’ due to food shortage as battle between Isis and allied forces intensifies

Isis claims British suicide bomber carried out attack near Iraqi city of Mosul

Why Iran’s Shia Threat Is Very Real for Faraway Egyptians

Erdogan’s Power Grab Is Hurting Turkey’s Economy

Danish Jihadis Finds Loophole To Get Gov’t Funding To Fight For ISIS

Anti-Trump Muslim March In NYC Holds ‘Allahu Akbar’ Call To Prayer, Compares Trump To Hitler

Australian school allows male Muslim pupils to refuse handshakes with women

Turkey’s Purges Continue

Top Al-Qaida Leader Finds Himself On The Wrong End Of A Bullet

Masjid Toronto: “Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!”

Turkey Aims to Produce Long-range Missiles

Turkey’s Record-breaking Academic Purge

Iraqi forces begin bitter battle for Mosul in effort to destroy Isis

ABC Bemoans ‘Skyrocketing’ Numbers of Refugees Illegally Immigrating to Canada

New Houthi weapon emerges: a drone boat

Canadian Border Town Worries About ‘Confrontations’ After Influx Of ‘Asylum Seekers’

Iraqi forces advance on Islamic State-held western Mosul

Somalia suicide attack: Bomb kills 18 at crowded market in Mogadishu

Iraqi forces launch offensive to take western Mosul from Isis

Culture-Enrichment With Baseball Bats Comes to Rural Germany

Saudis Ready Digital Push to Get Islamic Extremism Out of Schools  Good luck with that.

Angela Merkel demands Turkey treats detained German journalist fairly amid ongoing crackdown  Of course, he’s not actually German, but Turkish.

ISIS-Signaling Enrichers Arrive in Ceuta

Turkey car bomb: Three-year-old boy killed and 15 people injured in attack on Sanliurfa province

German Cities Ban Trucks During Carnivals Amid Terror Fears

Pentagon cites evidence of Islamic State group ‘exodus’ from Raqqa

Hundreds Of Migrants Storm EU Border Fence, Clash With Police [VIDEO]

US Mosque Holds Memorial For Islamist Assassin

Hundreds of migrants scale 20ft fence into Spanish enclave of Ceuta as refugee route shifts  Well, they could just give it back to Morocco.

Libya, not Syria, will be the foundation on which Trump and Putin build their new world order

Sweden jails Syrian rebel who fled Idlib after killing Assad soldiers

Saudi air strike kills 10 women and children in Yemen

Pakistan ‘kills 100 terrorists’ in crackdown after Isis shrine bombing

More than 80 people died in a Pakistan terror attack last night – where exactly is the hashtag and the solidarity?

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