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Salafists Gun Down “Murtadeen” at a Quebec City Mosque

30th January 2017

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As reported in tonight’s news feed, gunmen shot up a mosque in Quebec City, killing at least five people.

Early news stories gave a bare-bones account of the incident, followed by the Narrative describing “Islamophobia” in Quebec, and a recent increase of Islamophobic incidents.

Then came reports from eyewitnesses who said that the gunmen had been shouting “Allahu Akhbar” as they fired their weapons. That shot holes in the Narrative, too — unless, of course, the shooters were white-supremacist neo-Nazis who were just pretending to be Muslims.

The following video sheds some light on what may actually have happened in Quebec City tonight. It’s taken from the Facebook page of the mosque that was attacked. In it you’ll hear the imam of the mosque discuss the enmity of former members of the congregation who were unhappy with the blasphemous “moderation” of this mosque — that is, the shot-up mosque was full of murtadeen, or apostates.

2 Responses to “Salafists Gun Down “Murtadeen” at a Quebec City Mosque”

  1. Melampus Says:

    Wait, doesn’t Canada have gun control. How could this happen?

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    The guns sneaked over the border from Detroit, became white, and then went on a rampage. There aren’t any black people in Canada, so they had to settle for Muslims. The arrests are due to Islamophobia; soon we will hear that the suspects are Muslims and actually victims who just happened to be wandering by when the guns went berzerk.