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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

30th December 2016

Heavily armed terror cell ‘under orders from Isis’ arrested in Russia

A Bomb at the Door of a Church in Toulouse

Unhinged Georgetown Professor Attacks Muslim Woman Who Voted for Trump

CNN’s Beinart Calls It ‘Racist’ to Warn Jews Would Be Killed in Palestinian Arab State

While Obama Blames Israel, Hamas Prepares For Another War

Religious Freedom in Pakistan Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

ISIS Leader Who Defaced Priceless Ruins Destroyed By US Missile  What goes around comes around.

British woman ‘kidnapped and abused as a sex slave for 13 years’

Kidnapped schoolgirls ‘used as human shield’ by Boko Haram

Turkey and Russia have ceasefire plan for Syria, says Turkey’s foreign minister  Once everyone is dead, they will cease fire.

Russian embassy in Damascus hit by shells, claims country’s foreign ministry

Woman beheaded in Afghanistan ‘for going out in city without her husband’

Berlin attack: Tunisian man arrested in connection with Christmas market tragedy

Muslims Celebrate the Christmas Jihad in Berlin

Report: Latin America Offers A Haven For Jihadis

U.S. official says top Islamic State commander killed in Syria

Obama Admin Rushes To Resettle Refugees During Last Days In Office

Culture-Enrichers Brawl “Like Monkeys” on an Augsburg Bus

Germany: Suspected contact of Berlin attacker arrested

More Terror, More Denial

Turkish Intelligence Agents Funneled Weapons To ISIS, Says Captured Terrorist

More than 2,000 Saudis fight for militant organisations, says interior ministry

Berlin attack: Donation page for family of murdered Polish lorry driver raises £170,000 in six days

Erdogan says he has evidence US-led coalition has given support to Isis

Myanmar: Rohingya Muslim man’s headless body found in river after speaking to journalists

MEF Presents 15 “Useful Infidels” Who Enable Islamists

Cultural Enrichment in Cologne: A Turk, the Police, Gasoline and a Lighter

Five of the Berlin Subway Firebugs Are Syrians, And One is Libyan

Erdogan’s Daughter Tells US Muslims That Gulen Movement Is ‘More Dangerous’ Than ISIS [VIDEO]

Syrian Refugees Celebrate Christmas By Torching Homeless Man [VIDEO]

Irate Nigerians Lynch Failed Boko Haram Female Suicide Bomber

Isis fighters in Syria found to be receiving benefit payments from Danish government

Hamas condemns video of Muslim and Jewish people dancing as ‘disgraceful spectacle’

It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men… Sweden’s record is shameful

Teenager forced to marry Pakistan man ordered by Foreign Office to pay fees to return home

Turkish man arrested after saying he wouldn’t serve President Erdogan tea

Saudi ‘Morality Police’ Arrest Party-Goers For Dancing And Drinking [VIDEO]

A bigger problem than ISIS: The Mosul Dam is failing

European border agency Frontex warns Isis is weaponising refugees  My, what a surprise.

Berlin: Seven Migrants Set Homeless Man on Fire

Berlin Truck Jihadi’s Pledge of Fealty to the Islamic State

Syrian man who filmed his daughters being sent on suicide mission is killed

‘I can’t believe I lived through all this evil’: Worshippers celebrate Christmas in a town finally liberated from Isis

Dozen women and girl, 8, massacred in ethnic Christmas Day violence in Congo

Mass graves found in eastern Aleppo, Russia claims

First female Afghan Air Force pilot has applied for asylum to the United States  Gee, I wonder why.

A Moving Look At The Lone Kurdish Sniper Fighting ISIS In Kobani [VIDEO]

Switzerland: Muslims Attack Christians Going to Mass in Longeborgne

Man Easily Enters Germany Dressed As ISIS Fighter [VIDEO]

Hundreds Of Iraqis Displaced By ISIS Return Home For Christmas Mass

Yemeni army claims snipers shot dead six Saudi soldiers

Council worker blames ‘people of certain culture’ for drowning deaths at Camber Sands

Boko Haram ‘crushed’ by Nigerian army in final forest stronghold

Berlin attack: Tunisian police arrest nephew of Christmas market terror suspect Anis Amri

The tragedies of Syria signal the end of the Arab revolutions

Keith Ellison Cancels Speech At Radical Islamist Group’s Annual Convention

Berliners Come To Terms With Terrorism Being The New Normal

FBI Warns of Attacks on US Churches

100 people feared dead in Mediterranean taking toll for 2016 to 5,000 – the highest ever

The 12 most unsafe cities in Europe

Berlin attack suspect Anis Amri ‘recorded video pledging allegiance to Isis’

Leading Jewish scholar prosecuted in France for alleged anti-Muslim remarks – Europe – Haaretz.com

2 Kosovo-born men held in suspected German mall attack plot

Media Desperate To Cast Berlin Jihadi Hellbent On Murdering ‘Crusader Pigs’ As Hopeful Refugee

Alleged ‘Avowed Jihadist’ Searching For Midnight Masses Busted In Phoenix

ISIS Celebrates Christmas By Burning Two Captives Alive

HuffPo Columnist: ‘Women to Blame’ for New Year’s Sex Attacks in Germany

US military says 28 al-Qaida militants killed in Yemen since September

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