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Facts Are the New Hate

12th June 2014

The Other McCain is on the case.

The #YesAllWomen hashtag has been going crazy all day because of a Washington Post column by Brad Wilcox and Robin Wilson which demonstrates — as a matter of social science — what all social scientists already know: Marriage is highly correlated with good outcomes for women and children. This isn’t really controversial, if you have paid attention to the research, but feminists don’t give a damn about research if the facts contradict their theories, and feminist theory has been implacably hostile to marriage for more than 40 years.

Being pro-marriage is now “Neanderthal,” no matter how much research data you produce in support of your argument.

Feminist theory is utterly impervious to evidence. If there is anything feminists hate more than they hate men, it’s facts and logic.

One Response to “Facts Are the New Hate”

  1. ErisGuy Says:

    Facts, logic and math are a Europhallologocentric, racist, sexist, conspiracy against the holistic, organic, natural female mind.