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AFSCME in Dues Freefall After Wisconsin Labor Union Reforms.

27th January 2014

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Turns out that if you give people an opportunity to vote with their pocketbooks, they take it. I’d also note that a hefty percentage of those people opting out of forced union dues are undoubtedly doing it because Big Labor is a lapdog for the Democratic party establishment. Gallup found in 2012 that 35% of union households backed Mitt Romney (34%, government union); while that may not make much of an electoral difference, I imagine that those folks are now happy not to be paying for Democratic attacks on their candidates. I suggest that the unions take a hint or two from this.

One Response to “AFSCME in Dues Freefall After Wisconsin Labor Union Reforms.”

  1. lowly Says:

    How about an Act 10 for the United States of America?