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‘Machine Gun Tourism’ Thriving in Las Vegas

22nd January 2014

Read it.

Irwin says the “Hello Kitty guns” are popular with bachelorette parties.

One Response to “‘Machine Gun Tourism’ Thriving in Las Vegas”

  1. RealRick Says:

    My son went there a few months back and had a blast.

    The Red Chinese military had (still has?) a business like this with mostly Japanese tourists. (60 Minutes did a piece on it.) In their case, machine guns are for the peons; the higher you are on the corporate ladder, the bigger the weapon. So the corp. VP gets to shoot maybe an anti-tank missile. There is, of course, a fat markup on the price of the ammo. This very well could have been the introduction to capitalism for the Chinese.

    Worked for a consulting firm that had a contract on Guam. There are lots of Japanese tourists there (and lots of rusting Japanese military relics). The local bar was doing a booming business letting the tourists dress up in western (Hollywood oaters) garb and shoot revolvers at some cheesy “Wild West” targets.