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Beyond the Gauzy Worship: What the Left Got Wrong on Mandela

20th January 2014

John Fund pulls back the curtain.

It won’t happen, but it’s time for many on the left to acknowledge they too made errors regarding South Africa. We now have evidence that the late Nelson Mandela — prior to his release from prison in 1993 — was indeed a member of the central committee of the South African Communist Party, and his belief in rigid Marxist ideology wasn’t just part of an alliance of convenience for his African National Congress. A copy of the first draft of Mandela’s autobiography — written while he was in prison on Robben Island in the 1970s — surfaced just after his death last month and confirms that conservative fears about the ANC’s goals and methods were fully justified. The eye-opening article by South African journalist Rian Malan appeared in Britain’s Spectator magazine.

One Response to “Beyond the Gauzy Worship: What the Left Got Wrong on Mandela”

  1. ErisGuy Says:

    We can hope that the full vision of Communism for which Mandela hoped will be chosen by South Africa’s majority.