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Texas’s Wendy Davis Lied About Life Story

20th January 2014

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Of course. She’s a Democrat, the party of Bill Clinton. That’s what they do.

Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator whose filibuster for abortion rights made her a Democratic superstar and launched her campaign for governor, has admitted to the Dallas Morning News that she lied about key events in her life, including her first divorce. Davis may even have lied under oath, testifying in a federal lawsuit over redistricting that “I got divorced by the time I was 19 years old,” when in fact she was divorced at age 21.

Other missing details have included: her second husband paid her way through law school and she divorced him the day after the last payment was made; her ex-husband accused her in initial court filings of adultery, and was awarded custody of their two daughters; and she first ran for city council in Fort Worth as a Republican.

“My language should be tighter,” she said, admitting her campaign biography has been less than truthful.

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  1. RealRick Says:

    List of articles in the Houston Chronicle to date saying anything negative about Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis:


    List of people surprised by that:
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