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Feminism, Cultural Marxism and Permanent Revolution

27th October 2013

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Ever notice how the far Left demonizes people who offer practical ideas on how to help fix a problem? Emily Yoffe of the liberal website Slate advised young women entering college that getting blacked out drunk at parties is not a good idea when it comes to rape prevention, and feminists naturally went nuts.

In an ideal world a young woman should be able to go to a party, take ten shots of whiskey with a GHB chaser and go home unharmed. Common sense tells us that that isn’t the way the world works, but common sense solutions are never what the Left wants.

If date rape stopped today, a big chunk of what keeps campus feminists employed and active would be gone. Likewise, if all racism ended today, there would be little use for Ethnic Studies professors. The project of Cultural Marxism (or Cultural Studies) is to find and exploit divisions between people to create a state of permanent agitation. In this perverse worldview, fixing problems is counterproductive.

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