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Judge Stalls Deal Between Texas, Polygamist Sect to Return Children

31st May 2008

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A decision by Texas District Judge Barbara Walther means that to regain custody, the 38 mothers whose filed the complaint that led the Texas Supreme Court to reject the state’s massive seizure must personally sign an agreement their attorneys and state child-welfare officials have proposed.

My question is: Why should they have to sign anything? The state illicitly removed their children; the state ought to give them back. There is nothing complicated about this.

Walther had wanted to add restrictions to the agreement worked out by the parents’ attorneys and Texas Child Protective Services, but the parents’ attorneys argued that she didn’t have the authority.

The judge then said she would sign the initial document, but only after all 38 mothers involved in the case the high court ruled on signed it first.

This judge needs to be disciplined, and I hope that the defendants’ attorneys are drawing up the necessary papers as I write this.

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