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More Meth Madness: Pharmacy Now Demanding I.D. to Buy Nail Polish Remover

19th August 2013

Read it.

Coming soon: Breaking Bad, Salon Edition.

2 Responses to “More Meth Madness: Pharmacy Now Demanding I.D. to Buy Nail Polish Remover”

  1. RealRick Says:

    I call BS on this one. DHS has been going after hydrogen peroxide and acetone because there is internet traffic about using the mixture to make an explosive.

    There is some truth to it, but you need stronger peroxide than they sell at the store and most fingernail polish remover is thinned out with other stuff, so it probably wouldn’t work anyway.

    Personally, I would encourage would-be terrorists to make the stuff. It’s a contact explosive – extremely sensitive – and will most likely explode during mixing, harming the idiot trying to make it instead of the intended target.

    DHS gets it’s information “from internet traffic”, to quote them. If that doesn’t scare the crap out of you, you’re not paying attention. Soon they may be targeting chupacabras, yetis, the Loch Ness monster, and any number of Kardassians.

  2. RealRick Says:

    I hit submit before editing – again. My basic point was that I believe DHS is behind the referenced madness, not DEA.