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Walmart Says It Will Kill Plans to Build 3 New Stores if DC Wage Bill Passes

10th July 2013

Read it.

Not to worry — DC politicians don’t actually want people working, much less saving money when they shop; they’d much rather have them all on welfare and dependent on the handouts brought to them by Democrat politicians. It’s covered.

The bill is backed by worker advocates and unions that say employees of big-box stores should earn a “living wage.” It applies only to stores doing business in spaces of 75,000 feet or more.

So people who work in small stores don’t deserve a ‘living wage’. I see.

Council member Yvette M. Alexander, who represents an area where two stores are slated to be built, tells the paper she is upset by Walmart’s decision.

“That means back to the drawing board for Ward 7 unless there’s a vote in opposition,” she said. “This is going to just about ruin two major development plans in Ward 7, where we were counting on a major anchor retailer to bring more retail and 600 jobs in a ward where unemployment is at its highest.”

Really — how dare they resist having their pockets picked. We were counting on that money. (I’m sure they were.)

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