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Apprenticeships Could Help U.S. Workers Gain a Competitive Edge

6th May 2013

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The problems lie not with college-educated engineers or graduates with general bachelor’s degrees but in the dearth of skilled machinists, welders, robotics programmers and those who maintain equipment.

Apprenticeships could help reduce youth unemployment, widen opportunities for young people who do not want to sit in class all day and help ensure that the potential resurgence in manufacturing is not thwarted by a mismatch of skills. With effective apprenticeship systems, highly developed economies sustain jobs in manufacturing. Employment in manufacturing accounts for 20 percent of jobs in Germany and 16 percent in Switzerland but only 10 percent in the United States.

But nobody in authority cares because these jobs aren’t taken by Scions of the Crust, all of whom have to go to college and take glorified finger-painting degrees until their trust funds come through.

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