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The Crying Rape Game

6th May 2013

Jim Goad blows the whistle on a popular modern scam.

Meg Lanker-Simons, who I’ll presume hyphenates her surname to prove she’s not beholden to the patriarchy, is a bespectacled female wildebeest who grazes the campus of the University of Wyoming, always on the lookout for sexual harassment but never quite able to find it.

On Thursday she will appear in court to face misdemeanor charges that she interfered with a police investigation by fabricating an online male identity who claimed he wanted to “hatefuck” her and thus transform her into a “good Republican bitch.” After this initial—and, according to police, self-generated—post on April 24, Lanker-Simons responded by saying, “I’m left to wonder if there’s someone out there with a violent fantasy about me….”

As if. Here’s a picture. There’s a feminist fantasy and no mistake.

Simons, an award-winning blogger for Think Progress who is also chums with terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, appeared to bask like a whale shark in the odd sort of attention that only modern-day victims, real or imagined, seem to enjoy. That is, until a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Rather than upbraiding her for wasting public resources and staining the school’s reputation, the University of Wyoming issued a statement that Meg’s arrest should not be remembered as an example of third-wave feminism gone psycho, but it should be honored in that it “sparked an important discussion” about how the school has “no tolerance for sexual violence,” even if, well, a mentally unbalanced woman is simply imagining it.

Which appears to be happening an awful lot these days.

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