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The Nanny State Goes Global

30th April 2008

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Article 1 of the UN Charter informs us that the United Nations was created “to maintain international peace and security,” but today, the subject consuming the global guardians is traffic safety. War is raging in the Middle East. Genocide persists in Sudan. International trafficking in sex slaves is a growth industry, and food shortages are hurting the most vulnerable populations. Yet, a few weeks ago the UN General Assembly approved the first global conference on roads and traffic to be held next year in Russia.

Delegates to the conference will undoubtedly organize a new UN Meter Maid Brigade as an auxiliary to the vaunted Peacekeeping Department. And we can only hope that the U.S. delegate raises for discussion all those unpaid parking tickets diplomats have racked up in New York City.

One Response to “The Nanny State Goes Global”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Of course the UN is worried about roads! Without good roads, the sex slave trafficking revenues go down and so do their kickbacks!