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Fake Bomb Got Past Newark Airport Airport Screeners, Report Says

9th March 2013

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An undercover Transportation Security Administration inspector reportedly brought a mock improvised explosive device stashed in his pants through two layers of security and was cleared to board a commercial flight last month.

The New York Post reports that the TSA’s special operations team staged a mock intrusion at the airport on Feb. 25. The inspector brought the mock “bomb” through a magnetometer, which failed to detect the device, a source told the paper.

The other security check that failed to catch the mock device was a pat-down, according to the report.

Welcome to Security Theater. The purpose of the TSA is not to protect airplanes from terrorists, but to inconvenience passengers while soaking up taxpayer money and providing government jobs for union members. If they happen to catch any bad guys, well, that’s gravy that can be used for propaganda purposes to get more money. Is this a great country, or what?

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