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Explaining the Inexplicable

26th February 2013

Victor Davis Hanson scratches his head — as well he might.

The president, as is his wont, blasted the “one percent,” the “millionaires and billionaires,” and the “well-connected” in his recent State of the Union speech — and then he flew off to golf and hang out with the one percent of the one percent in South Florida while his wife and kids jetted to Aspen to ski. Then Obama flew back for more class-warfare rhetoric over so-called sequestration, ridiculing the Republicans as again being for the “rich” — and on Al Sharpton’s radio show, no less (of Tawana Brawley fame).

Obama’s main talent lies in recognizing that there are a ton of Really Stupid People in the United States who will love him even when what he says would make a normal person’s brain hurt. That’s the only possible explanation.

I filled up today in a rather poor Selma (per capita income under $20,000; unemployment over 15%). The cheapest regular gas I saw in town was $3.99. I paid $4.06 a gallon. It was under $1.90 when the evil Bush left office.

If there were a Republican President, this would be on the Evening News daily until the next election. The Magic Negro, however, gets a pass.

I understand why millions come to the U.S., given the wretched poverty of Latin America, the proximity of the U.S. border, the ability to work here, and the generosity of the American people and government. I don’t understand at all the ensuing iconography of the open-borders movement.

Why the obsession with the Mexican flag and the racialist identification with La Raza and the reversion to 19th century ethnic chauvinism? Why the ethnic stickers on cars, on mobile kitchens, and on homes?

For much the same reason as the Boston metro area expats go to New Hampshire in order to enjoy the benefits of low taxes and minimal government intrusion, yet as soon as they get there start agitating for the same thing that they left. I believe that scientists call this ‘shitting where you eat’.

There are no major programs that the president wishes to cancel, but plenty of new ones he envisions. Given the scale of borrowing, and given the abject denial that there is a spending problem, what gives?

Whatever gives, it’s the Republicans’ fault. Some things remain constant in this ever-changing world.

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