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‘They’ve Shown Us a Lot of What They Want to Show Us’

21st February 2013

Read it.

FINEMAN: No, not in terms of leaks. They do put stuff out on the Internet. They do put a lot of information out there. They complain, with some justification, that a lot of the national press corps doesn’t pay attention to that stuff out there. That’s true. But most of it is not where the news is. The news is in the things that they don’t put out there for the most part.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised. By this standard, Nixon was as transparent as Obama.

The administration often points to the White House visitor logs as a tangible example of its commitment to transparency. However, emails revealed that lobbyists sometimes meet with senior White House staff in a Caribou Coffee cafe across the street from the executive mansion to avoid being included in the visitor logs.

Yeah, that’s pretty transparent, all right. It’s not hard to see through ol’ Barry.

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