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Burglar Breaks $100K Custom Glass Door With Rocks at Boulder Apple Store

19th February 2013

Read it.

 Three rocks were thrown through the custom-made glass door, which cost nearly $100,000, according to Denver’s ABC 7 News. By breaking the glass door, the hooded burglar was able to get away with nearly $64,000 in merchandise, making the damage caused even more costly than the theft.

The guys who do the Apple stores think that everybody in the country is a Silicon Valley hipster who loves paying full price for SWPL computing gear.

 “Smash and grabs” at Apple’s retail stores have become something of a trend in recent years, as thieves target the locations for their popular products. In one of the more extreme cases, a burglar crashed into the glass front of a California Apple Store with a BMW X5, causing $600,000 in damage.

Perhaps they will wake up eventually. Apple stores sell more per square foot than Tiffany’s, and Tiffany’s doesn’t have massive walls of glass on their storefront. Just sayin’.

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