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Bill Allowing Meat From Roadkill Passes in Montana House

19th February 2013

Read it. And the source article.

Presumably the existing ban on using roadkill for meat was intended to prevent motorists from running down deer and suchlike with their cars, out of season.

Lavin originally drafted the bill to allow generic “game animals, fur-bearing animals, migratory game birds and upland game birds” to be salvaged, but that raised concerns with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials.

Bighorn sheep, for instance, are frequently killed by vehicles in the Thompson Falls area, and their potentially valuable carcasses might become the focus of profiteering. Same goes with bears, mountain lions and other animals that would be desirable for their heads, claws or furs.

God forbid that actual citizens of the state might do something that isn’t in line with what their rulers in the state government allow.

“I took out anything that might be a concern to them,” Lavin said of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Good, good — legislators are sensitive to the concerns of their bureaucratic masters. The System Works.

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