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‘Immigration Officials Exploited Traffic Offenses To Achieve Record Deportations’

18th February 2013

tReason Magazine adopts the ‘journalism’ of the Left.

President Obama gets lots of kudos for his supposed efforts on immigration reform, even as his administration spends billions of dollars to chase them out of the country. It’s an apparent case of a politician gazing DREAMily out at the country and asking, with a winning smile, “Who are you gonna believe? Me? Or your lying eyes?” Now we find that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have made a specific goal of high deportation figures, and have resorted to using even the most trivial of offenses, including traffic violations, as an excuse to hustle people across the border.

I guess it’s too much to expect the people who are tasked with enforcing the immigration laws to, you know, enforce the immigration laws. I guess it’s unimportant that the people who are being ‘hustled across the border’ are HERE ILLEGALLY and that the reason they GOT CAUGHT was that they BROKE THE LAW WHILE HERE.

This is a great example of the reason why I have nothing but contempt for ‘movement libertarianism’ — the total lack of perspective and the adolescent priorities. We live on a planet that contains A BILLION PEOPLE whose religion is the most anti-libertarian totalitarian ideology in the modern world, and whose adherents are responsible for 95% of the acts of terrorism in the last hundred years, and it’s somehow a moral imperative to let anybody and his bomb-toting brother just waltz over the border whenever he wants to?

Really? REALLY?

The economy is being trashed by a ruling class whose proletarian clients are willing to demonstrate the flaws of democracy election cycle after election cycle, but what we really need to worry about is the fact that people keep getting arrested for buying and using recreational drugs?

Really? REALLY?

I keep waiting for these guys to grow up but they never do. They never do.

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