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Martin Peretz, You Ignorant Slut.

16th February 2013

Moe Lane does the smackdown.

For the love of God: why, Sparky? There’s no way that Peretz didn’t know that Hughes was a high priest of the Obama personality cult; and I certainly refuse to believe that Peretz didn’t get that the only reason why Hughes even wanted TNR was because of the masthead and trademark. TNR’s intellectual history and traditions? Utterly irrelevant, if not actively inimical to the needs of the aforementioned Cult of Obama. The new owner has different goals in mind; and Martin Perertz really should have realized that from day one. In short: being surprised about a rabid pro-Obama partisan taking his new magazine in a rabidly pro-Obama direction is like getting surprised when Disney buys out your magazine, then puts Mickey Mouse up on the masthead. This is something that happens.

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