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Fairfax County Schools Place New Playground Apparatus Off Limits to Kids

16th February 2013

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Although parents worked with the Fairfax County Public Schools facilities department, purchased the equipment, hired a contractor and had the playground ready for recess, the school system suddenly deemed the play equipment too dangerous. Since Nov. 30 it has been off-limits, parents say.

Never mind that the same equipment is installed at more than 1,200 parks and schools across the country, including a public park in the county.

Your tax dollars at work. Hey, let’s put people like this in charge of our health care.

One Response to “Fairfax County Schools Place New Playground Apparatus Off Limits to Kids”

  1. RealRick Says:

    I’ve had a couple of brushes with Fairfax Co. over the years – plants that the company wanted to buy, etc. They put Kalifornia to shame with their rules. One place couldn’t get their permits signed off because an electrician mounted a switch 2 inches from where it was to be located on a drawing. (There was a small metal plate in the way.) A doctor told me he wanted to put a private bathroom in his office just for his own use but couldn’t because he didn’t have enough space to make it meet the handicap requirements. He did point out to them that there was a handicap restroom in his office for public use, but that didn’t matter to the Nazis at the county office.