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The Top 5 Lamest Core Courses

15th February 2013

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It’s hard to imagine, but colleges used to insist that students master whole bodies of knowledge about subjects they might not even be interested in, using parts of their brains they hadn’t already developed, learning the basics of disciplines they might not ever use. The theory behind these old-fashioned “core curricula” was that every student ought to be literate concerning the basics of the culture he or she lived in the books that formed its ideas, the ideas that formed its institutions, the institutions that shaped its laws, and the laws that governed the country.

Yeah, that is hard to imagine.

One Response to “The Top 5 Lamest Core Courses”

  1. RealRick Says:

    While in college, I took a class called, “Drugs, Sex, and Ecology”. I don’t think it was possible to fail, so the class was huge. The drug part was actually interesting because the prof spent the ’60s and ’70s doing free analysis for any drugs that people dropped off for him to test. According to him, a lot of what passed for LSD was actually strychnine (still available in some rat poisons at the time). The big concern during the ’70s was weed killer being sprayed on Mexican pot by the US Gov’t. The prof’s wife was also a PhD and taught the sex part. I remember a line from her book, “Another method of birth control is called the rhythm method. People who practice it are often called, “parents”…”

    I seem to recall that I got a biology credit for this class. Anything to get out from having to memorize cell parts and identify them on a row of microscopes for the midterm.