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Losing Streak

12th February 2013

Jeff Bell takes a look at why Republicans have stopped being winners and started being losers.

Jeff has been in the middle of things since he primaried aged RINO New Jersey Senator Clifford Case in 1978 (and then, tragically, lost to some basketball player from Princeton — the shame of it). I was at Bell HQ in Trenton that night, with a young friend of mine, Greg Baird, who had motored down from New Haven for the occasion. After working the crowd for a while, he came up to me and said, ‘You know, Tim, it’s very disappointing to come here expecting to find a bunch of conservatives and discover that they’re only Republicans.’ ‘Indeed’, I said, ‘and I suspect that’s why they’re going to lose.’ As indeed they did.

There are many intellectual Cassandras in the Republican party; Jeff is one of the more perceptive and articulate ones.

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