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“25 Billionaires Who Are Giving Away Their Fortunes”

12th February 2013

Read it.

Well, not really … they’re billionaires, and they’re giving away pots of money — but billionaires do that, and the pots they are giving away are pretty much the smallest pots in their money bins.

Even a leftist rag like Business Insider has nice things to say about rich people when they Follow the Progressive Program — because the whole Progressive Narrative is about redistribution, people who have by some unexamined but probably nefarious means accumulated more than their ‘fair share’ who have decided to get right with Obama by ‘spreading the wealth around’. Nowhere will you find any praise for how they got so rich in the first place: providing goods and services (and, oh, by the way, jobs) for people that they value and for which they are willing to fork over money.

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