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Herd Immunity Demonstration

9th February 2013

Play it.

One Response to “Herd Immunity Demonstration”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Funny what comes around again like this. I wrote a program for a computer science class in 1976 (in Fortran, using punch cards)(yes, it was shortly after the invention of dirt) that was very similar. I had it print out snap shots (we had no CRT access). It’s interesting to play with the scenarios.

    For the curious, I got dinged by the assoc. prof. because he said I didn’t label the cards sufficiently and wound up with an A- or B+ on what he admitted was the most complicated project in the class. He was only teaching the class because the regular prof (and head of the dept.) had flaked out. He came to class one morning with a book of dirty limericks, read a few, and then said, “I don’t know where my head was at 3 a.m., but it’s still there. You might as well go home because I am.”, and he did. Brilliant guy – could hack anything – got replaced by an assoc. math (not CS) prof for the remainder of the semester.

    I still remember one of the limericks:

    There was a young couple named Kelly
    Who went through life belly-to-belly
    Because in their haste
    They used library paste
    Instead of petroleum jelly

    Amazing that of all the brain cells I killed off in my youth, those would remain intact.