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Charles Stross Discovers the Cathedrall

9th February 2013

Mencius Moldbug points and laughs.

 Poor Charles Stross.  Not that he’s the first revolutionary to discover that the revolution bus doesn’t stop where the sign said it was supposed to stop.  And not that he’ll be the last.  But still – can’t we be a little sad?  Just a little?

Charlie Stross is a damned fine writer but a knee-jerk ‘progressive’ who can’t be bothered to think it through on political questions — he’s one of the tiresome crowd who dismissed Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism without bothering to read it because the title was inconveniently incompatible with his preconceived notions — and Mencius here does a little dissection of the sort of contortions that produces. An entertaining read, if you like snark (and I do — ask anybody).

 In postwar Europe, there is a codeword for a political persuasion in which power flows upward.  The codeword is “populist.”  Needless to say, no more vile slur can pass the lips of a good Party man.  A “beige dictatorship?”  Please, man.  Don’t complain about the dish you ordered.


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