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The Black Blood of the Earth

5th February 2013

Read the website. Cold-extraction essence of coffee. This is for trained professionals; do not try this at home.

While I am normally loathe to agree with the elitism that causes champagne made outside of Champagne to be called sparkling wine, I do admit that source materials matter tremendously when making a concentrate like BBotE. Part of my abstaining from coffee for over a decade was due to the horrible bitterness and acidity of conventional coffee. It wasn’t until 2006 when I visitied the Captain Cook, HI co-op coffee roastery and HI Department of Agriculture demonstration station that I consumed coffee that I liked, rather than having to mask it beneath cream and sugar. The following year, I spent two weeks in Italy eating pizza Margarita every lunch, drinking fine cappuccino every morning and fine gelato in the evening. Unfortunately, back at home I was having a hard time finding coffee that didn’t need to be turned into treacle to make it drinkable.

Then I received my diagnosis as a Type II diabetic. I could no longer add sugar in the quantity necessary to make coffee from the cafe next door drinkable, but if I didn’t drink coffee I was in danger of not being able to actually stay awake through a morning of wrangling x-ray machines and radioactive materials. Experimentation began in earnest with BBotE as it promised to eliminate what I couldn’t stand the most about conventional percolation coffee, bitterness and acidity.

So far I have done single source origin BBotE with Bolivian, Brazilian, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Panama, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Mt. Kenya AA, Kona, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, and Yemeni Sanaa.

Watch the Podcast. This is the TWiT network Triangulation podcast with Philip Broughton, head of Funranium Labs, maker of Black Blood of the Earth. Well worth your time; he’s a fascinating guy.

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