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Broward County Bus Driver: Repeat Violations Don’t Warrant Firing

3rd February 2013

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Larry Moore could have been fired. In the years he drove Broward County transit buses:

• He was disciplined 19 times, serving a total 31 days of suspension.

• He was held responsible for nine accidents with other South Florida drivers.

• He reached the threshold for firing, but in 2008 was given a “last chance” before “immediate discharge.”

• He went on to be disciplined seven more times, for five preventable accidents and two clashes with customers, county personnel records show.

Moore’s history with Broward transit ended two weeks ago. He wasn’t fired. He retired. Broward transit officials said Friday they would have fired him if he hadn’t left.

And if you believe that one, they’ll tell you another one.

Next step: Government jobs will become inheritable, with bus drivers, firemen, and police passing down their positions to their  heirs.

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