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Acquired Tastes

2nd February 2013

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No one ever took their first hit of a cigarette or drank their first glass of scotch and said “That’s very pleasant.” It’s dreadful, but we want to like it, so we suffer through the process of acquiring the taste. We will go so far as to pretend that we like something while we still haven’t acquired the savvy to truly enjoy it. We “fake it until we make it.” Eventually, acquiring an appreciation for something that is initially repulsive earns us some slightly elevated social status that is admired by the unrefined slobs we associate with.

For some reason we think acquired tastes are cool. You are refined if you are an aficionado or a connoisseur of a taste that most don’t like at first, but don’t let cool fool you. Acquiring a taste is an intentional belief acquisition or an adapted preference. In simpler words, acquiring a taste is premeditated self-deception. In essence you are telling yourself the same lie until you believe it.

Any ‘taste’ that needs to be ‘acquired’ is ipso facto a vice.

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