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Bill Gates’s Potty Obsession

2nd February 2013

Read it.

Where exactly are all those millions headed? Here are a few examples: $12 million is going to the African Development Bank’s “African Water Facility” projects, various sanitation pilot projects that aim to bring “fecal sludge management services” to 1.5 million urban poor in sub-Saharan Africa. $10 million is going to a German-Kenyan collaboration that aims to “scale up sustainable sanitation services for up to 800,000 people and water services for up to 200,000 residents in low-income urban areas in Kenya.” $8 million is headed to the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, hoping to steer the curriculum there towards considerations for the poor, while another $8.5 million is going to USAID’s “WASH for Life” program.

I guess that there are no more hungry people in America, if Bill Gates feels the need to improve the toilet for foreigners.

That’s good to know.

(Ever notice how much effort people spend trying to help foreigners? I guess they live in areas where poor people, or sick people, or unemployed people aren’t allowed. Funny how that works out.)

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