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Dredding Homosexuality

30th January 2013

Read it.

Subracism is thus the stimulation of our racial sense in a social or cultural context in which we cannot admit or express it. This stimulates passions and controversies, and of course media coverage (free advertising) for product that would otherwise have to get by on its own merits. The displaced emotional energy caused by Subracism has always led to big bucks for someone.

But as the recent case of Judge Dredd’s hinted-at homosexuality suggests, this phenomenon need not be limited only to race. Just as threatening human identity by playing games with race creates a media buzz made up of stifled visceral urges, so too with questions of gender identity, in particular homosexuality. This is an instant button pusher, and again the pattern is the same: mass individual repulsion, anger, distaste, shock, or horror that can’t express itself at the social level, quickly followed by dispacement into associated quibbling points, attempts at ironic detachment, and also moral jockeying.

Truly, one can find anything on the Internet.

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