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Are Plastic Bag Bans Making Us Sick?

29th January 2013

Read it.

Hint: Yes.

Basically people were schlepping leaky packages of meat and other foods in their canvas bags, then wadding to the bags somewhere for awhile, leaving bacteria to grow until the next trip, when they tossed celery or other foods likely to be eaten raw in the same bags.

Washing your bags reduces the risk, but let’s be honest: who does that?

Environment theater, to match the security theater we get in the airports. The ‘progressive’ vision, in which posturing substitutes for achievement, and appearance is more important than reality, proceeds apace.

2 Responses to “Are Plastic Bag Bans Making Us Sick?”

  1. Bob Says:

    If the bacteria that thrive on reusable grocery bags are killing people, that should make the left happy. They think the earth is overpopulated already and that human beings are a blight on the planet.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Of course. It’s all part of a coordinated program.