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Modern Language Association Obssessed With LGBT Issues

25th January 2013

Read it.

For an academic organization based on language and the study of English, the Modern Language Association seems to have only one thing on its mind and it isn’t language.

What’s language got to do with politics? Well, the MLA seems to think it does.

• Queer Theory without Antinormativity;
• Postqueer? Postrace? The Political Stakes of Queer;
• Queer Theory in a Post Colonial World;
• Queerness as Form;
• Transgender France;
• Movements, Incantations, and Parables of Queer Performance
• LGBTQI Graduate Students and Academia;
• Queer Sexualities in African Literatures and Film;
• Queer Occupations;
• Gay Culture in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union;
• Racing, Queering and Psychoanalysis;
• Queer Times: Affect, Phenomology, Temporality; and
• What is Post-AIDS Literature?

Hey, English teachers get bored with their day jobs and surf the net just like everybody else….

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