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NY: At Strike’s Root, Runaway Costs in Busing Pupils

21st January 2013

Read it.

 The strike that began Wednesday, which idled more than half of the city’s school buses and forced about 113,000 children to find new ways to school, was prompted by a fight over union jobs. But its true roots are in an attempt to reform one of the most inefficient transportation systems in the country, one that costs almost $7,000 a year for each passenger, an amount so high that many of those children could hire a livery cab for about the same price. By comparison with the next three largest school districts, Los Angeles spends about $3,200, Chicago about $5,000, and Miami, $1,000.

Much as with the Labour Party in Britain, the capture of the Democrats by trade unions leads to waste, inefficiency, and ever-increasing debt.

Tell me again how great unions have been for the working man — but include the bit about bleeding everyone else to death, just for balance.

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