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Crown Heights Gentrification and the Salvation of Oak Park

20th January 2013

Steve Sailer unloads some inconvenient truth.

 The destruction of Austin next door threatened to spread to Oak Park, with its spectacular stock of Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie-style homes. But the city fathers responded with a wise (if presumably wholly illegal) racial quota system. The “black-a-block” system restricted real estate agents in Oak Park to selling only one home per block to a black family.

Yet, as James Kabala pointed out once, it’s hard to find any mention on the Internet of Oak Park’s “black-a-block” quota, presumably because it violated federal law, but was winked at because important people felt it worthwhile to save Oak Park’s architectural heritage.

Race quotas have been popular with the Establishment in hiring and college admissions, so why, since they worked out well in Oak Park, weren’t they encouraged elsewhere in housing?

“Who? Whom?” of course. Race quotas to increase the numbers of Designated Victim Groups are good, race quotas to limit their numbers are bad, and that’s all you need to know.

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