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Noam Chomsky Killed Aaron Schwartz

19th January 2013

Mencius Moldbug reveals all.

Y’all can blame who you like for Aaron’s suicide.  I blame Noam Chomsky, whose supercharged blue pills have devastated kilotons of innocent young brains as a regrettable side effect of winning Professor Chomsky enormous fame and wealth.  The typical teenage victim knows, with every bone in his naturally rebellious body, that he’s grown up in Plato’s cave.  Our Professor, renowned the world over but especially in Venezuela, agrees!  And helpfully guides his innocent charge to an oddly well-lit shaft in the back of the cave which leads down to… an even deeper cave.  Coach Sandusky had nothin’ on him.

But wait! There’s more.

Broadly speaking, decision-making authority (ie, power) in a modern democracy is divided between two kinds of people: lobbyists and activists.  Lobbyists are only interested in money.  Activists are only interested in power.  Sometimes a great nexus of corruption thrusts forth a figure of genius, such as Al Gore, who dazzles us with a talent for both.

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