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Southwestern Pennsylvania Hospital to Stop Baby Deliveries

17th January 2013

Read it.

Guess people will have to go and pick them up.

In a lengthy statement posted to its website Wednesday, the hospital cited several reasons for the decision — including a claim that the population of women of child-bearing age is dropping and that the number of births the hospital would be called upon to perform isn’t enough for it to provide the service in the face of lower reimbursements under the federal Affordable Care Act.

And the hits just keep on comin’…. I still think that the Draft Doctors Act is sitting somewhere in the back of the mind (if I may use the term loosely) of some Democrat Senator.

One Response to “Southwestern Pennsylvania Hospital to Stop Baby Deliveries”

  1. ErisGuy Says:

    This has been an ongoing problem for decades. I once worked in small hospital in 1980 that gave up its maternity ward because of increased costs.