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Why You Should Never, Ever Use Two Spaces After a Period.

15th January 2013

Read it.

From reading it, I must assume this is a parody. I would have a hard time taking usage advice from someone who misuses ‘should’ in the place of ‘ought’.

One Response to “Why You Should Never, Ever Use Two Spaces After a Period.”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Back in ancient times, we were taught in typing class to always put 2 spaces after a period. Of course, those were not only different times, but also different media and fonts. (And that damned woman who taught the course could spot a single space by just thumbing through an encyclopedia.) I still use it because I’m a big believer in white space – even very small white space. It helps with the dyslexia.

    What I really find irritating is the use of left/right paragraph justification instead of the more natural left justification. When you do that, there are odd spaces all over the text. It does not look better nor is it more readable to meet both margins.