We have seen the future, and it sucks.

Chicanery Row

13th January 2013

Read it.

First, a bit of background. After 30 years toiling in journalism, Steigerwald accepted a buyout package from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in 2009—or, as he puts it, “I dove from the deck of the Daily Titanic and swam off to look for books to write till I die.” For his first pre-mortem project Steigerwald decided to retrace the route John Steinbeck traveled for his 1962 bestseller Travels with Charley, minus the half-Wellington rubber boots, blue serge British naval hat, and standard French poodle. Though an ardent libertarian such as Steigerwald would typically look askance at the faux proletarian musings of a wealthy, New Deal-worshipping friend of Adlai Stevenson, it is easy to see why Steigerwald presumed an exploration of how the country had changed “since Ike was president, Elvis was king and everything worth buying was still Made in America and sold at Sears” would prove neither “complicated [n]or controversial.”

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