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How About Some Intellectual Diversity at the Labor Department?

11th January 2013

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Even Elaine Chao, former labor secretary for President George W. Bush, agrees that Obama ”can do better,” than he has in regards to diversity. “In an America that is so diverse these days,” Chao recently told Charlie Rose, “We should have a cabinet that looks like America.”

Obama doesn’t want a cabinet that ‘looks like America’, he wants a cabinet that looks like The Obamanation — and he’s got one.

When leftists squeal about “diversity,” what they are really talking about, of course, is skin color and gender. This focus on the outside is highly instructive of the progressive worldview, which sees people as categories (rather than individuals), defined by qualities that are quite literally skin deep. (It is a worldview that both perpetuates and necessitates the statist policies that so enamors the left.)

Content of your character? Not so much.

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