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Virginia Governor McDonnell Wants to End Gas Tax

10th January 2013

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Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Tuesday unveiled a plan to spend more than $3.1 billion on transportation funding over the next five years by raising the state’s sales tax and abolishing the state gas tax.

If McDonnell gets his way, Virginia will the first state to eliminate the state gasoline tax. The proposal comes as states across the nation see their gasoline tax revenues fall, largely because of more fuel-efficient vehicles, and worry they will see less dollars in aid coming from the federal level. The state of Virginia faces a transportation maintenance shortfall of $364 million in fiscal 2013 and will have to shift money intended for road paving and pothole plugging to fill the gap if the plan isn’t adopted, according to McDonnell’s office.

(Why sites use pointless abbreviations in online headlines is beyond me — are you short of space? Really?)


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