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Things That Feel Ancient

6th January 2013

Scott Adams has a geezer moment.

Windows is just one example of something that feels ancient. Recently I was filling out some paperwork that required me to sign my name over and over and over. Why do they need so many signatures for the same process? It’s because someday someone might need to prove that I had to an opportunity to read some legalese that hasn’t ever been read by anyone but the bastard who wrote it. I’ll bet even the guy who paid the bastard to write it didn’t read it.

And they wanted you to fax it back to them, didn’t they?

Of course his Inner Communist comes out with the typical California solution: There Oughta Be A Law. *sigh* If only it were that easy. The past hundred years have made it clear that when the government gets involved in technology, the results are never a pretty sight.

Those who don’t bother to learn from history are doomed to vote for people who will repeat it. Unfortunately, they stick the rest of us with it, too.

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