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Illinois Cops Banned From Denny’s

4th January 2013

Read it.

An Illinois police chief has banned his officers from a Belleville Denny’s Restaurant after a manager told five on-duty detectives they had to leave because one of them had a firearm.

Which is illegal, by the way; a licensed Law Enforcement Officer can carry his weapon anywhere he goes, whether you like it or not. But I can see why the chief handled it this way — if some officious dork wants to be stupid in a way that hurts his business, he ought to be allowed to do so.

Sax said the restaurant’s general manager eventually came over and said it was fine for the detectives to be in the restaurant.

Too little too late. Hopefully that dork manager will get an attitude adjustment, and possibly find a new job in which SWPL aversions are more at home.

The spokesman said it was a case of miscommunication. They said the manager was trying to do the right thing after a diner had complained.

The ‘right thing’ would have been to ask the diner who complained to leave.

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