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Private Spy Drone Images Lead to Criminal Indictments

3rd January 2013

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An anonymous individual or group’s private spy drone’s images have resulted in a criminal indictments for a US meat packing company. The images were taken nearly a year ago and received so much attention that authorities took notice and acted.

The images were taken above an Oak Cliff, Texas-based meat packing company and revealed a large-scale release of pigs blood into a creek flowing into the Trinity river. The business, Columbia Packing Company, and its owner, Joe Ondrusek, are facing 12 indictments for water pollution.

Don’t mess with Texas. Also, read Zodiac by Neal Stephenson.

One Response to “Private Spy Drone Images Lead to Criminal Indictments”

  1. RealRick Says:

    The Clean Air Act contains provisions for paying rewards to those who rat on violators. Could this be a new business venture?

    When I worked on the Houston Ship Channel, the Coast Guard used to fly over on calm mornings and look for oil sheens. (Even a drop or two will make a large sheen if the wind isn’t churning the water.) They transmitted photos to the laptop of one of their officers in a car. He would drive up to the gate of the offender and inform them they had a spill, then issue a fine and make sure they fixed the problem, as well as doing the necessary reports to the state agencies (TCEQ and TGLO), the Nation Response Center, and the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), each of which could also decide to issue a fine. (The General Land Office always issued a fine.) I liked dealing with the Coast Guard; they are tough, keep things simple, and are absolutely fair in the way they deal with everyone. If the rest of the government ran with 0.1% of their efficiency, the improvement would be amazing.