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Has Anybody Ever Calculated White Murder Rates by State?

1st January 2013

Read it.

Why would they? Who cares about how many white people die?

Whenever gun control becomes a hot topic, you see white liberals going through a set pattern of contortions, one most fully worked out in Michael Moore’s Oscar-winning Bowling for Columbine:

– Racist white rednecks in the sticks want guns because they have racist fears of urban blacks;

– So, we must disarm everybody to stop rednecks from killing so many

Deconstructed, this bizarre theory actually makes a fair amount of sense:

– Liberal whites in the cities want gun control because they have realist fears of urban blacks;

– So, we must disarm everybody to stop blacks from killing so many.

But, white people don’t like talking about black people, they like talking about how much they hate other white people.

Certainly the SWPLs in the media do.

They especially like coming up with theories about other kinds of white people. For example, the state with the highest homicide rate is usually Louisiana. Just think what savage redneck monsters white people in Louisiana must be. Didn’t you watch Deliverance or read Albion’s Seed?

(Of course, the murder rate in Louisiana is only about half of that in Washington D.C.. Has anybody checked out what Ezra Klein, Chris Matthews, Cokie Roberts are up to?)

No good, I suspect.

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