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What “Good School” Really Means

29th December 2012

Sonic Charmer is not afraid to ask the hard questions.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been in school myself, but just what are the super-special amazing things going on in the ‘Good Schools’ that make them so ‘Good’? I literally can’t even picture it. Are they learning Algebraic Topology instead of Multiplication in their math class? Are they getting one-on-one editorial and career guidance in writing their first novels, instead of answering ‘compare and contrast’ questions about snippets of abridged versions of, like, Sounder? In science class are they writing turbulence-simulation iPod apps or building quantum computers instead of making posters of The Greenhouse Effect that show a big circular arrow going from the sky to ground and back?

I suspect that a ‘good school’ is a school full of the children of ‘good people’, i.e. SWPL Crustians, black and Latino people who are of the Body, and a leavening (but by no means excessive amount) of Asians.

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