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Urban Baby

29th December 2012

Steve Sailer looks at the daily lives of female Crustians who, against their innate inclinations, decide to reproduce.

A reader commends to me the discussion site UrbanBaby.com for the displaying the id of upper crust white new mothers and mothers-to-be as they confront realities associated with reproduction, causing them to think inappropriate thoughts.

Which devolves into

 Anyway, I’ve always wanted to turn this discussion around and discuss how non-criminal black males signal to white people on the street that they aren’t violent. A lot of white people would probably like to stereotype more accurately, but our society makes almost zero effort to educate well-intentioned whites in how to do it.

A useful skill. And the bottom line is

 On the whole, it’s good for Mexicans that white people don’t find them cool.

And you can’t say any fairer than that.

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